The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

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August 5, 1865, pages 488-489

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Columbia - "Shall I Trust These Men, And Not This Man?"

See the HarpWeek commentary of this cartoon below:

HarpWeek Commentary: This early political cartoon of Thomas Nast contrasts Confederate politicians and generals applying for pardons, which may give them the right to vote and hold office, with a black Union soldier who has lost his leg and does not have the right to vote. Pardon petitioners in the foreground who can be recognized include Roger Pryor (far right, a Virginia lawyer and soldier); General Robert E. Lee (kneeling); CSA Vice President Alexander Stephens (holding pardon petition); Raphael Semmes, commander of the Alabama naval ship which was built in England, sank numerous Union merchant ships, and was the subject of a long-term post-war claims dispute between Britain and the US (left of Stephens); Robert Toombs, ex-Senator and leading Georgia politician (behind Stephens); John Letcher, ex-Governor of Virginia (far left); General Richard Ewell (behind Semmes); General John Bell Hood (behind Ewell).

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