The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
ĽName: James Falconer Wilson

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James Wilson was born in Newark, Ohio. After admission to the bar in 1852, he began practicing law the next year in Fairfield, Iowa. He was elected to both branches of the Iowa legislature and served as a delegate to the state constitutional convention in 1856. First elected to Congress in 1861 to fill a vacancy, he was subsequently reelected to four consecutive terms. Wilson served as chair of the judiciary committee and as one of seven House managers of the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. In 1869, Wilson was appointed as a commissioner of the Pacific Railroad. He later served two terms as U.S. senator from Iowa (1883-1895). He died in Fairfield, Iowa.

Robert C. Kennedy, HarpWeek

Source consulted:  Dictionary of American Biography

James Falconer Wilson
(19 October 1828 - 22 April 1895)
Source:  History of Congress, 1867-69, Vol.  I

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