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Harper's Weekly, November 6, 1866, page 707

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HarpWeek Commentary:
  Andrew Johnson was defeated in 1869 when he attempted to return to the Senate from Tennessee. He was successful in the 1874 election, but died on July 31, 1875, not long after his March 1875 reappearance in the Senate.

The defeat of Andrew Johnson as Senator from Tennessee is a subject of general congratulation. It is not conceivable that he would have said or done a single wise thing in that position; and if the Opposition must elect a Senator it is desirable that he should be at least intelligent and courteous, qualities which the warmest friends of Mr. Johnson will hardly claim for him. If it were not for the condition of Senator Brownlow’s health this defeat would undoubtedly be the political demise of the ex-President. But whether he reappears in public life or not, his name and career will always be a warning to the Republicans. There is something politically wiser than superficial expediency. The nature, character, habits, and training of a man are more powerful than any apparent change of opinion. They will control him in the long-run, and the party which would intrust him with place and power must not be surprised if he utterly deceives it. If the Republican party had selected a candidate for the Presidency in 1864 for the same reasons that persuaded them to nominate Andrew Johnson for the Vice-Presidency, where should we be to-day? Character is as much more valuable than profession in politics as it is in every other sphere; and if Andrew Johnson serves to impress that great truth upon party managers he will have been of real service to the country.

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