The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
»Impeachment, Trial, and Acquittal

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Harper's Weekly, May 30, 1868, page 350

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The offices of the correspondents of the various newspapers throughout the country are located under the Ebbitt House, in Fourteenth Street, and to this focus of news the crowd tended on the night after the vote had been taken. The sidewalk on Newspaper Row was blockaded during the whole evening by anxious searchers after news, and the offices of the New York papers and that of the Cincinnati Gazette agent were crowded until midnight. But as it is the duty of the correspondent to collect news of the many and dispense it only to his editor, the crowd became the dispenser of rumors rather than the recipient of facts.

Scene in "Newspaper Row," Washington,
on the Night after the Vote.
May 30, 1868 page 340

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