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Harper's Weekly, April 25, 1868, page 260

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We gave in the last Number of the Weekly the portraits of Messrs. Stanbery, Curtis, and Evarts, of President Johnson’s counsel, employed in the Impeachment trial. We give in this Number an accurate portrait of Mr. William S. Groesbeck.

Mr. Groesbeck is a native of New York, and about forty-two years of age. He removed to Cincinnati, Ohio, at an early age. He was a member of the Commission of 1852 for codifying the laws of Ohio, and also of the Constitutional Convention of the previous year. He was a member of the Thirty-fifth Congress. He was also a member of the Peace Congress of 1861, and was subsequently in the State Senate of Ohio.

The trial of the impeachment of the President was resumed in the Senate on April 9, with the opening speech for the defense made by Mr. Curtis. On the subsequent day Adjutant-General Thomas was examined as to the instructions under which he attempted to take possession of the War Office. The testimony as far as elicited does not as yet show the line of defense proposed by the counsel of the President.

April 25, 1868 page 260

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