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Domestic Intelligence
Harper's Weekly, April 6, 1867, page 211

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The Fortieth Congress
The Supplementary Reconstruction bill which was introduced in the Senate on March 14 finally passed both Houses of Congress on March 23. The two Houses having disagreed on March 18 on certain amendments introduced in the House, a Committee of Conference was asked and allowed, and it reported on March 19, agreeing to the Senate proposition that the State Constitution shall be ratified by a majority of the votes cast, provided that it shall appear that a majority of the registered voters voted on the question of ratification. A clause is added that Congress must be satisfied that all the registered voters had an opportunity to vote freely and fairly without any fear or interruption, and that the constitution meets the approval of a majority of the qualified voters. Thus amended the bill passed both Houses on March 19, and went to the President, who, on March 23, returned the bill with his objections. The Senate immediately passed it over the veto by a vote of 40 yeas to 7 nays; the House doing the same by the not less decisive vote of 114 yeas to 25 nays.

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