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Domestic Intelligence
Harper's Weekly, March 30, 1867, page 195

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The Fortieth Congress
A bill appropriating $500,000 to enforce the Reconstruction Act in the Southern States was passed by the House on March 12.

The Supplementary Reconstruction bill was called up in the Senate on March 14, and after considerable efforts at amending, it was finally passed on March 16. Amendments providing that at the first election held in each State the registered voters should vote for or against a State Convention, and that it should be held or not held as the majority decided; that no State Constitution should be valid unless it provided for election by close ballot, and agreed that such mode of voting should not be changed without the assent of Congress; prescribing an explicit affirmative oath to voters, in place of the oath that they are not disqualified by the first bill; and providing that the common or public schools shall be open to all without regard to color, were rejected. Amendments providing that unless a majority of the registered voters vote for a Convention no Convention shall be held; and that the Constitution shall be adopted when voted for by a majority of not less than one half of the registered voters, were agreed to: and as thus altered the act was passed by a vote of 38 yeas to 2 nays, Reverdy Johnson with the Republicans. The House took it up on March 18, added several amendments, and passed it. The Senate on the same day considered the amendments, and one them being disagreed to, the bill returned to the House.

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