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Harper's Weekly,
November 24, 1866, page 738

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HarpWeek Commentary: The Republicans scored victories across the country as this article and the following cartoon illustrates.

If the President is still of the opinion which Mr. Browning reports, that the people have not pronounced upon the Constitutional Amendment, he will never discover it. From Maine to Iowa this was the one issue. Every Union orator showed by the record that the President’s original theory of restoration upon which he acted was that upon which Congress insists today; that when he repudiated that principle he stigmatized his own action, deserted the party which elected him, and left himself in the hands of Copperheads and late rebels; that the conditions proposed by Congress were not only just in themselves, but were essential to complete those upon which the President insisted, and were necessary to the good faith of the nation; that to stop where the President stopped, and to approve the extraordinary doctrines which he announced, would be to make every brave boy who died in battle a fool for his pains; to reduce the war to a ridiculous trial of strength; to imperil the debt; to break faith with the freedmen; to leave every question open, and to invite self-contempt and the derision of mankind.

This was the ground upon which the Union campaign was fought, and a more intelligent, sober, and vigorous political contest was never known. The result justifies the faith of all who sincerely believe in popular government, because it is precisely upon such points of practical political wisdom that confusion of the public mind is to be expected. The Union line dresses itself unbroken from the Penobscot to the Mississippi. Congress is fully sustained, and the President’s policy has been solemnly rebuked.

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