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August - December 1866

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by John Adler, Publisher

Mounting racial tensions over the place of the recently-freed slaves in the post-war South came to a head during the summer of 1866. A race riot in Memphis in May was followed by a more significant race riot in New Orleans on July 30.

Congressional and state elections in the fall were crucial to the future of Reconstruction policy. President Johnson made a campaign tour, stopping in Chicago, St. Louis, and other cities. His rambling, inflammatory language backfired, and the Radical Republicans won major victories at the polls.

HarpWeek Commentary: The New Orleans Massacre

This riot inflamed public opinion in the North, and Harper’s Weekly did its share to stir the pot. A few examples are shown in this section.

  • The August 25 issue (which appeared two weeks earlier) editorialized on the July 30 riot.
  • The September 8 issue had a somewhat milder Nast cartoon: "Which is the More Illegal." It compared the peaceful political convention in New Orleans with the massacre that resulted from the attack on its participants.
  • The October 27 issue stated that "the New Orleans massacre has done more than abstract argument of a year to impress the country with the conviction that we cannot wisely hope for peace at the South so long as inequality of guarantees of personal and political liberty endure."
  • In March 1867, the Committee of Congress appointed to investigate the New Orleans riot made its report. Nast depicted the scene in the March 30, 1867 issue in a cartoon entitled "Amphitheatrum Johnsonium – Massacre of the Innocents at New Orleans, July 30, 1866." A week after the cartoon appeared, General Philip Sheridan removed Mayor John Monroe, State Attorney General Andrew Herron and Judge Edwin Abell from office.

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