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Domestic Intelligence
Harper's Weekly,
February 10, 1866, page 83

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January 25:

In the Senate, the bill to enlarge the Freedmen’s Bureau was passed, 37 to 10. The bill provides: 1st. That the Freedmen’s Bureau shall be maintained, giving the President power to divide the section of country included within the provision of the bill into twelve districts; 2d. That the Commissioner may divide the districts into sub-districts, and provide officers for the same, the salary of each not to exceed $1500; 3d. That the Secretary of War may issue supplies, medical stores, etc., and may provide for the shelter of freedmen and refugees; 4th. That the President may set apart for the freedmen unoccupied public lands in Florida, Mississippi, and Arkansas, not exceeding three millions of acres of good land, the occupants to pay a certain rental with the privilege of purchase; 5th. That the occupants of the land under General Sherman’s special order shall be permitted to remain for three years; 6th. That schools and asylums shall be built for the freedmen at the expense of Government; 7th. That in any district where any rights allowed to white men are denied to freedmen, the freedmen thus discriminated against shall be protected by the Bureau; and 8th. That any persons, where there is such discrimination against the freedmen, who shall under cover of any local law subject freedmen to the deprivation of any civil right or to any punishment other than would in like case be inflicted on white men, shall be liable to imprisonment for one year or to a fine not exceeding $1000, or both, and that the Bureau shall have power to try and adjudicate cases of this nature.

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