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Harper's Weekly, September 30, 1865, page 611

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General Logan Upon Reorganization

General John A. Logan, the old leader of the Douglas Democrats in Illinois, and one of the most distinguished soldiers of the war, lately made a speech at Jacksonville, Illinois, reviewing the events of the last four years:

"With reference to the reconstruction policy pursued by the Government, he said that it was but an experiment, and so long as there was any hope of its success he would yield a hearty support to the President. He confessed, however, that he had his doubts as to the wisdom of pardoning arch rebels by the wholesale. He thought it better to wait and test the sincerity of their repentance. He was opposed to the restoration of the rights of citizenship to men whose skirts had hardly been cleansed of the defilement of treason, and whose fingers were yet dripping with the blood of the martyrs of the Union. He would wait and see whether they brought forth fruit meet for repentance before granting them the privileges of the elective franchise."

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