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News Article
Harper's Weekly,
October 14, 1865, page 641

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Pardon-Seekers at the White House
Our illustration represents President Johnson in the attitude of pardoning rebels who have returned to their allegiance. Hundreds of these pardon-seekers daily besiege the White House. They crowd into the ante-room and are ushered into the President’s presence each in his turn, and if found all right on the record they are pardoned, otherwise not.

President Andrew Johnson pardoning rebels at the White House
October 14, 1865, page 641 (cover)

Pardon-Columbia-"Shall I Trust these Men, Franchise – and Not this Man?"

August 5, 1865, pages 488-489 (Cartoon)

HarpWeek Commentary:
This early political cartoon of Thomas Nast contrasts Confederate politicians and generals applying for pardons, which may give them the right to vote and hold office, with a black Union soldier who has lost his leg and does not have the right to vote. Pardon petitioners in the foreground who can be recognized include Roger Pryor (far right, a Virginia lawyer and soldier); General Robert E. Lee (kneeling); CSA Vice President Alexander Stephens (holding pardon petition); Raphael Semmes, commander of the Alabama naval ship which was built in England, sank numerous Union merchant ships, and was the subject of a long-term post-war claims dispute between Britain and the US (left of Stephens); Robert Toombs, ex-Senator and leading Georgia politician (behind Stephens); John Letcher, ex-Governor of Virginia (far left); General Richard Ewell (behind Semmes); General John Bell Hood (behind Ewell).

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