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Harper's Weekly, June 25, 1864, page 402

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Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee, nominated by the Baltimore Convention as the Union candidate for Vice-President – whose portrait we give on the preceding page – was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, on the 29th of December, 1808. When ten years of age he was apprenticed to a tailor, and worked at that trade in South Carolina until his seventeenth year. He never attended school, but acquired a good common education by studying, after his marriage, under the direction of his wife. Having removed to Greenville, Tennessee, he was elected Mayor of that place in 1830, was elected to the State Legislature in 1835, and to the State Senate in 1841; and in 1843 became a Representative in Congress, serving until 1853. During the latter year he was elected Governor of Tennessee, and re-elected in 1855. In 1857 he was elected United States Senator for the term ending in 1863, and at once became conspicuous for his solid sense and sterling integrity. Upon the disclosure of the plans of the rebel conspirators he at once took high ground in support of the Government, denouncing and opposing with great bitterness and force the whole traitorous scheme. Upon the restoration of Tennessee he was made Provisional Governor of the State, and in that capacity has rendered service of immense value in establishing tranquility and order and defeating the manoeuvres of the Secessionists of the State. Governor Johnson early saw that slavery was the cause and strength of the rebellion, and, though always in former years a pro-slavery man, promptly took ground in favor of the complete extermination of the system.

"Andy" Johnson, like Mr. Lincoln, is emphatically a self-made man. He reflects directly, in his wonderful career, the genius of our institutions, under which the humblest citizen may attain the highest honors of the republic.

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